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I've been waiting for his return. The most significant transformation in MMA history. From a LHW who got KOed consistently to a HW wrecking machine.

I think we're going to see BF get hurt with body shots. Prolly by knees me thinks. Both are going to have high gaurds, super slow and will be circling each other carefully. I can also see BF taking the center quickly, but that's not going to mean anything cuz a sloppy shot or an overzealous attack will lead to a major counter.

Overeem is more agile so he's going to be able to get off quicker with power shots while BF will be looking for the overhand takedown tactic. I think Overeem is too slick for that and will make em pay by side stepping and kneeing em or kicking em in the midsection. The scary thing about Overeem is he just needs to land one shot ANYWHERE. Then he's gonna start comboing away!

Overeem fights in a very different way than most. He's too slow to move away the way DJ, Dominick, GSP or JDS does even. He slips barely and counters which requires supreme confidence and experience. Best example was against Duffe who came at em blitzkrieg style.

The Reem by KO 1st round.

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