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well, it's well written

however, like most first hour fight/UFC fans (which I'm not, I think I got hooked around UFC 100), you fail to see the purpose of TUF.

Should the TUF be enjoyable for long time fight fans? yes!
is it its main target audience? no!

TUF's target audience is the casual viewer/non fight fan. In that regard, the format works great. it's not a bonus show for those who already watch all the UFC shows/PPV, it's a show that's inteded to draw a new audience.

In that regard, the show has to have drama and all that kind of BS that true fight fans don't really care about, but that will help the casuals tuning in.

So why do they just add "pain" to the show instead of revamping it? maybe because so far, the purpose of drawing new viewers has worked just fine (I don't have the number, it's just an assumption)

however, we, fight fans, mostly care about the fighting and usually don't care as much for the drama and whatnot.

but this show is not meant for hardcore fight fans. And most people reviewing it don't realize that and review it from the perspective that they know, which is the long time fight fan perspective.

Other than that, it's a well written paper and I enjoyed reading it.

if you really want to boost your SEO-ability, maybe use more bold/underline formats etc... but the hypertexts were nice.

also, just get an internet host, a proper domain, set up wordpress and do it on your own
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