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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
Speaking via FUEL TV, Jackson said:

ďI donít know if I can compete with the top people. Itís my first time Iíve lost three fights in a row. Iím not going to give up. Iím going to go back to the drawing board and work on everything. I feel like I can come back if I set my mind to it, but right now if anyone picks me up, thatís my marketing pitch ó hey Iíll put on a great show for you.Ē

ďI think that this is my reality and I have to see whatís next. Iíve been fighting for 13 years and the game has changed a lot. I might just be one of those fighters that come in and excite the crowd ó be like Gary Goodridge. One of those guys who just comes out and puts on a great show. Gary Goodridge is a great ambassador for the sport and he taught me a long time ago that itís all about the show. Iím just going out there and try to entertain the fans. Iíll be one of those middle range fighters. If someone wants to pick me up and somebody is going to put on an exciting fight for the fans.Ē
See, that's the type of sentiments that will win him the crowd. He's going through a realization process. His best bet is to sign four more fights with the UFC then call it a career. Such a foolish move to go anywhere else other than maybe Legend or in Japan. What's the point of being a champ in those organizations though.

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