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This is actually the second super fight to my knowledge.

BJ Penn vs GSP II was the first since BJ was the LW champ who narrowly lost to Edgar the 1st time and more decisively the 2nd time.

Vitor vs LHW title holder could have been since Vitor was the ex-champ, but it was awhile back.

This time Frankie was a champ north of 145lbs who's coming down so I don't really see him as a major under dog at all.

Edgar is use to being the fastest, but Aldo will be his quickest opponent unless he trained with Mighty Mouse. He does train with Phil Nurse who's pretty quick in his own right so I think that's pretty good practice on paper of course.

Aldo ironically even though he's the featherweight champ is actually probably bigger weighing in at 160-170 from what I remember. So who's stronger then. I'd have to say Edgar because of his wrestling background and the fact he's fought extremely strong fighters in the LHW division in Maynard and Bendo.

I would agree Aldo would leg kick em to death, but for a championship caliber fighter who's already experienced that he should know better. Plus all he needs to do is watch the Faber fight. We're going to see Edgar out point em in and stifle Aldo repeatedly wearing em out minute by minute round by round.

If there's a finish rest assured it's Aldo as he's the more powerful and dynamic striker of the two. Personally if there's an "upset" this would be the fight to bet on for the odds. Edgar has the tools and mind set to win, but it might not be the most fan friendly.

I think even for the pros pick it'll be fairly even.

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