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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
lol @ this hillbillies' pathetic, desperate attempts to get me banned. The only time you come on this forum is to whine about new members and how the forum ain't how it used to be. Cry me a river.

brb trying to get member banned for posting funny sex toy gifs with no physical nudity
brb exposing Ronda Rouseys body almost in bare form in sig

Logic, not even once.

The best thing you could do with one of those guns is point it at your temple and pull the trigger. Do us all a favour on here you miserable git.
Well sir we aren't dealing with rules based on your perception of our world, but the forum guidelines. You have now recieved an infraction and a warning. If you cannot stick to the rules the next step will be a ban.

I don't care if you think guns are more provoking than simulated penetration, just follow the rules of our board when you post on it, otherwise go elsewhere. Final warning, next time you will be banned for 5-10 days.

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