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This forum is really going downhill...

I'm not taking shots at anyone here and this could very well be my last post beacause I could get banned for it. I have been coming here to see what everyone thinks about mma since around the anderson silva and franklin fight. Back then was the golden age here it seemed like intelligent posters,bungles crazy avatars, and every thread had an intelligent discussion with no fighting...well most of them. Lately it has been people who hardly know anything about mma wich nothing is wrong with that you have to learn somewhere, but that is not the big problem. The problem is the mods now, not all of them but some. Lately there have been so many threads with nothing but country bashing and it comes up half the time now in every discussion. The mods are not doing a thing about that and huge arguments are breaking out but nobody gets punished, at least not as soon as they should.
Also people are now getting warnings for crap that is not against the rules at all. I remember that started with Bungle. Some of the stuff he got warnings and temp bans for were against the rules but many other people would not get a warning for exactly the same stuff. Now wl2fu got a warning for telling a guy to fight somebody I believe he is banned now wich brings up my next point. Why is it that all of the intelligent dedicated posters seem to get a warning or a temp ban way quick when you have guys like mmabot and simon phoenix who obviously try and piss people off can do it for such a long time and nothing happens to them. I think they got a temp ban now but it took way to long. My point is if this keeps up this forum will be sherdog jr and I will probably get a ban now wich will just prove my point. Well if this is my last post, see you guys later I guess. Although nobody really new me.
Once again if I made some of you mad im sorry but I had to say it.
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