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Originally Posted by MMAnWEED View Post
Everyone says how Weidman doesn't deserve a title shot but guess what, no one does at 185! Silva has such a stranglehold on the division that there is no one who has beaten the right guys in a succession to deserve a shot. What do you do? You pick the CLOSEST deserving and thats clearly Chris. Belfort needs another KO over a top 5 guy for me to want to see a rematch. I love Le but come on.
Thats not the point, well at least not where I am coming from.

Does Weidman deserve the shot? Maybe. He is a damn good fighter. But why do people cry over if it is a travesty? Frankie is getting a shot, Diaz is, Sonnen is, Cain got a quick rematch. And we are going to sit and whine because a 9-0 fighter who is hurt may not get the shot right now?

Doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it, as MW is rather sparse right now. But it isn't as big of a deal as some people act like it is. The guy has 9 fights. And can't even fight until mid summer. I don't get it.
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