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Originally Posted by ACTAFOOL View Post
Still i think this doesnt matter, Anderson never wants to fight who the UFC wants him to fight, he alwas picks random ppl, its just him pushing danas buttons so dana throws more money at him so he takes the fight, we have seen this a million times, its just Anderson playing his little game with Dana, i know he will end up fighting weidman
True. Silva always plays his mind tricks, inside and outside the Octagon. In this case, it's on White. And if you think of it, he does Weidman a favor, because by denying him a shot, Weidman's stock will rise when more and more fans start to campaign for Weidman and spreading the buzz of Silva "ducking" him. They probably will fight eventually, Silva has always fought the opponent he was supposed to fight, so business-wise Silva's behaviour is a win-win situation for both fighters.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
When he loses like he probably will I'll have to stop seeing this annoying spam.
I'm sorry, but no. Then there will be the next guy who is THE guy, like it always has been before.
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