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Yeah i think some ppl are missing the point, i dont think most ppl think weidman NEEDS to beat all the other contenders to get a shot, by the standards UFC holds for title shots CW easily has the right to fight for the title with his recent run, even more so because the MW division is a messright now with no clear #1 contender so its far from a travesty if CW got a shot at the title

BUT at the same time its not as if hes done enough to start bitching about not getting the shot, see the difference? Yeah hes done enough in the division to fight AS but he hasnt done enough to act as if hes the clear #1 contender, that silva is ducking him, that its wrong to not give him the fight right now....seriously i was a big fan of CW, i remember after his first fight in the ufc i created a thread about him telling ppl to watch out for him, but hes being disrespectful not only to AS but many legends when he thinks his 2 wins over maia and munoz is something out of this world, he needs to learn his place
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