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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
See it's people like you that Dana is referring to. I have a hard time not responding like an asshole to people as ignorant as you. You are not a true fan IMO.

EDIT: Next year Liza gets my vote for every category. True MMA fan right there.
Alright calm down Scooter, this is an MMA forum. There's been quite a long list of evidence to suggest that most MMA fans aren't even sports fans and most aren't the brightest bulbs around.

But yes it does get to a point where the fighters they are putting in the ring aren't appealing. Minimum weight fighters are not impressing anyone.

Although I always find it funny when people are like "Oh man Im bigger than these guys I'd totally beat them up!"

Like Nam Phan isn't a whole 1 inch taller than a guy like Ian McCall and just goes on Youtube slapping up on fat forum dweller types.

No, you aren't beating up a flyweight unless you are a 200lb athlete trained in combat.

What's next, people are going to scoff every time Trindon Holliday scores a touchdown because he's 5'5 160?

Man look at this guy he's so small I'd hit stick him like I do in Madden!

Said keyboard warriors everywhere while he runs right past you and causes you to have an asthmatic attack.

It's funny too because it seems like it's strictly a skinhead tattoo sporting MMA fan thing and not really a sports thing with the whole size infatutation. Because in boxing no one even watches the heavier weights.

The only weights that are popular are between 124 and 147 and some occasional 160 and 168 bouts.

The most hyped American prospect right now is a 135lber and the second most hyped a 127lber.

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