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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Do you do anything but speak in generalized conjecture?

It's like talking to a brick wall. And no actually I catch the replays after the events. At least the fights I feel like watching.

I know the next event features two mediocre Filipino Wushu being a guy who cant grapple to save his life an got thrown around by a 8 year past his prime Jens Pulver.

Other than that and the complete lack of international talent sans Bibiano Fernandes and I have no idea why you pretend you are watching the gold standard of non-domestic MMA.

Also I'm not sure where entertainment value became talent.

Oh wait, it never did, and people's abilities to have exciting fights does not make them good fighters.

Let me guess, Leonard Garcia is a the next big threat to Jose Aldo huh?
Just like I thought. You look at records and names and results and you don't watch fights and actual in the cage action. Does an entertaining fight become less entertaining if you don't know the name of the fighter? Does that make the performance you are watching any less impressive? It's impossible to watch an OneFC show and not be entertained. It's impossible to watch and not see talent. How is entertainment not a factor in watching a sporting event? Also just looking at records alone is not a clear indication of talent. Nothing on paper is going to effect what I see when I WATCH a fight. We are just 2 different kind of "fans". I base my opinion on what I see, you base yours off of numbers you read about. Do you. I'll do me.
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