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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
Does knowing someone's name make them any less skilled? How many people here knew who Ian McCall was 2 years ago? Does that mean he wasn't talented? How many are aware of who Darrell Montague is? Does that mean he isn't talented? How many know Soo Chul Kim? That guy is full of talent. Not knowing and not existing are very different. Like I said put those guys in the cage with the special letters on their gloves and see if that talent doesn't magically appear.
Most people here are just giving the UFC good advice that you don't want to hear. It would seem you have enough spare time your hands to follow every single mma organization out there. The problem is the majority of this board doesn't even have time to follow every UFC division to it's fullest, a smaller percentage watch bellator, and a very small fraction of mma fans watch anything other than those two organizations.

It is silly to introduce a division whether it be super hw or straw this soon after adding two new divisions that most people are still catching up on in terms of who's who. Remember, there is no espn highlight or top moves of the night for these organizations. You have to go searching for it, because it is underground.

The notion that Ineed to follow underground stuff to be a fan of MMA is ridiculous to me. Do I need to watch the OHL because I am a hockey fan and love the NHL?

Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
It amazes me everytime when there is a thread on smaller fighters or WMMA. If size is the only thing that matters then most of you are in trouble.
I think it is about seeing top talent. People are concerned that watching womens mma is like watching two unathletic guys fight. People also don't like the idea of two freakishly small guys fighting (ie 5"2 115lbs is VERY small for a man in shape). If there are not many people of that size or sex participating the talent pool will be very weak, just like a SW division.

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