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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
also @ rofl who was saying we will start to critisize small football players in the nfl: the difference is that the nfl is open weight and these 160 athletes are up against 250 lb behemoths. they use speed to overcome size which makes it very intrtesting. would you guys watch an nfl division for only 115 to 125 pounders?

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That really wasn't the point.

In fact it just makes the counter-argument all the more retarded.

If 150lb men can use athleticism to overcome "behemoths" then they shouldn't be discredited when fighting each other.

And God knows they shouldn't be discredited relative to keyboard warriors.

Originally Posted by Cowgirl View Post
So your logic is that a Strawweight division wouldn't be 'stacked enough' presumably because of the lack of talent, yet you're all for adding a super heavyweight division? Gotta say here, I think a SHW division would be just as weak at this point. Can you explain why you think a SHW division would be a good addition? I'd love to see a Strawweight division added, but I want to see 125 and 135 reach their full potential first.

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There's more tantalizing and better Super HWs than Strawweights.

Strawweight barely exists.

Originally Posted by Abrissbirne View Post
Dude i am serious tho. The fighters would be half the size of the refs and the devision wouldnt be stacked enough. Make a super heavyweight first, or sth in between like 230 pounds.

Also i assume you do some training as well, its not totally unreasonable to think that i could take someone more than 100 pounds lighter and over an inch taller...
I am 6'5 220 pounds and if i could get a training camp to get into the perfect shape i could hold them down for a boring decision victory all day long :P
I doubt it.

Royce Gracie was about 160lbs when he choked out men nearing 300lbs and these were trained, elite combat athletes.

You entering a McDojo for a few months isn't going to make you a killer.

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