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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
You get so butthurt over everything.

Look at who Jones has beat, look at who Anderson has beat.

So far, Jones' title reign doesn't include a Thales Leites, a Travis Lutter, or a Patrick Cote, all the guys Jones has beat are Champions, legends, and big names.
I also believe that the LHW division became so overhyped. Most of the "big" names came from Pride(Which I believe was overhyped in the first place).

Anderson came in and wrecked Rich Franklin when most people at that time thought Rich was one of the best. All the people that came from Pride(The big names,legends you say) is sporting a losing record or barely .500. Granted the Machida win was amazing.

But I grow tired of the comparisons. Silva completely annihilated the division and made MW look very weak because of the way he destroyed em. Its not because those guys lacked the talent, its because Silva is actually that great of a fighter. To downplay his opponents because of the results is ridiculous at best.

To top it off, Silva went to a higher weight and destroyed some LHW(one being a former champion). Yes Jon Jones is an amazing talent but don't pretend he's faced "caliber" fighters.

Shogun Rua is 5-5 in UFC
Rampage is 7-5 in UFC
Rashad is hardly a legend
Ryan Bader ?????? Really?
Vitor - Middleweight and has a history of losing the big fights. Legend??

I can go on but whats the point?? My point is that you're overrating the LHW division.

To top it off.. Silva tooled Bonner and Vitor(The only opponents they both have faced) like they didn't belong in the same ring as him)

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