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Originally Posted by David mma
all i said guys is that i have observed striker vs grappler fights and when the strikers won they used many of the things ( if not all) that i mentioned. critisize me all you want, but i do have some good points on this. i do not claim to know everything, i just wanted to state some things that i have seen to work.
The fights you are talking about, where the grappler is thoroughly dominated by a striker who can get up whenever he wants and throws knees and uppercuts at every takedown attempt, are one sided matchups.

I've also seen matches that have gone the other way where both fighters are good and competent because they used the strategy I've talked about.

Since you're knew and not a fighter, I give you the benefit of the doubt with your intellegence, but you created a thread basically stating the biggest givens among MMA strikers. While they might seem like huge epiphanies, pretty much every stiker in MMA knows these things, but occcasionally they try different approaches to dealing with grapplers.

I'm not saying that you're stupid or anything, but this is something that pretty much everybody has known since about the UFC 10s when the Gracies started to stop winning stateside. Grapplers have been finding ways to deal with it, and the simplest ways are the ones I stated on page 1. There are way more, but those are the pretty common ones.

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