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I was working the other day doing the bag drills I've described earlier in this thread and I decided to start working some ground and pound with the bag that I lift.

First, you can practice hands all you want, but the best strike to practice is the elbow. The leather gets you used to the abrasions that you sometimes get from grinding the elbow into someones face and it definitely helps your feel more comfortable throwing them.

Also, practice changing positions. I do this by going from sprawled out with my chest at the bottom of the bag and my elbows tucked under like after a sprawl and I practice moving to side control and then to north/south, then to side control on the other side, then to knee on belly to the mount and then lift myself up using my forearms and sprawl my legs out slide my body back to the end of the back. That's one rep of a bag movement. Remember, while in side control, the sprawled position and north/south, to keep the legs spread out and resist the urge to pull them in to make movement easier.

That excercise is practical, good for the abs, upper core, shoulders and arms and, if you do it fast, it really helps with cardio.

Remember, this isn't the same as training with a live partner, and you lose some of the benenfits of human resistance, like getting thrown when you break that sprawl, but it's really good to work on speed, physical conditioning and to continue to drill the technique.

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