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Well, unfortunately for Jones Silva started his UFC career at the age of 30, is now the oldest and longest reigning champion, and holds one of the best highlight reels in all of MMA...Honestly, I don't think Jones can do what Silva's done when you really sit down and think about it.

I will admit, Jones holds wins over more renown fighters than Silva does, however, I have always believed LHW to be the most overrated division in the UFC. People considered the division deep because of how close the skill gap was between fighters. I always looked at it the other way around, I considered it weak because no single fighter could manage to hold the belt for an extended period of time until Jones came along. To add icing to the cake, Anderson embarrassed a former champ in Forrest, who beat Shogun and Rampage to earn the belt...Jones comes in and kicks everyone's ass, making everyone in the LHW division look like the guys in the MW division, only difference is that in the LHW division the belt was passed around from fighter to fighter giving the illusion that every fighter Jones has fought is super talented; they were just in a division where no one was good enough to retain the belt lol

Jones fought for the title when he was 13-1, and beat Shogun who was 19-4 at the time; Silva fought for the title when he was 19-4 and beat Rich Franklin who was 22-1. Jones was 6-1 in the ufc when he fought for the title, Shogun was 3-2 in the ufc when he fought Jones. Anderson was 1-0 in the ufc when he fought for the title, Rich was 5-0 in the guys see where I'm going with this? Looking at the numbers it becomes pretty obvious who was more of a threat to the other. That's without taking into account it was 30 year old Anderson vs 31 year old Rich, whereas we had 23 year old Jones vs 29 year old Shogun then. The belt, and the division was practically handed to Jones on a silver platter and he is just reaping the benefits of a division whose lack of talent provided the highest entertainment value for the MMA audience giving Jones the illusion of being better than he truly is.

If you ask me I don't think Shogun, Bader, or Rampage would stand a chance against Silva. Machida and Rashad would pose a threat, but no more a threat in my mind than they posed to Jones. Bonnar & Vitor vs Silva = both finished in 1 round. Bonnar & Vitor vs Jones = Decision & 4th round sub. Now Jones will be fighting Chael Sonnen, we'll see how that turns out, but I have a feeling he will not outdo Silvas performance against Sonnen in either of their fights.

For some reason I see Silva and Jones going at it in the future, and I pray Silva wipes the floor with him.
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