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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
Just like I thought. You look at records and names and results and you don't watch fights and actual in the cage action. Does an entertaining fight become less entertaining if you don't know the name of the fighter? Does that make the performance you are watching any less impressive? It's impossible to watch an OneFC show and not be entertained. It's impossible to watch and not see talent. How is entertainment not a factor in watching a sporting event? Also just looking at records alone is not a clear indication of talent. Nothing on paper is going to effect what I see when I WATCH a fight. We are just 2 different kind of "fans". I base my opinion on what I see, you base yours off of numbers you read about. Do you. I'll do me.
If you are gonna admit that there are different kind of fans, then stop with the "You aren't a true fan" shit please. Just because someone has a different opinion doesn't make them any less of a fan than you are. Oh so you watch all the fights outside of UFC? Good for you then. Just know that not everyone can dedicate their time to watching the hundreds of fights happening every month outside of the UFC.

And jeez when are they gonna stop with adding new weightclasses? 115 lbs? Soon we will have dwarfs fighting in the UFC. Oh these little kids are executing such amazing kicks! So entertaining! Lets get them in the UFC and have them main event a card in the future, alright?

Now I'm gonna get neg reps claiming that "YOU AREN'T A REAL FAN, BITCH!". Fully expecting that, but whatever I have my own opinion, you have yours. Thing is majority of us do not want to see a strawweight division and I bet majority of the casual fans do not want to either. UFC caters to us fans and they should consider the opinion of the majority.

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