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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
One thing I don't understand about the argument you guys bring up about the number of men weighing 115lbs is the men fighting at that weight class do not weigh 115lbs. Just like Jose Aldo doesn't weigh 145lbs. Only on the day of the weigh ins do they weigh that much. I realize that the smaller we get the less weight that will be cut because naturally the smaller the man the less he is capable of cutting. But still the men will be a minimum of 130lbs. Still, a small man I know. But a small man can still be a talented man and still have the tools and technique to be an elite level athlete.
World Wide I don't have any doubts that we could find top level athletes with UFC caliber skill at that weight class.

Again I know I can be super annoying at times. I enjoy the activity at the end of the work day so I go a little crazy sometimes. I'm sure it won't be the last time, I just hope people can write it off as "crazy" and not get offended.
I know these guys do not actually weigh 115 lbs. I mentioned in my post as these guys WEIGHING IN at 115lbs. I don't have any idea how much guys weighing this little should cut while staying healthy, but I presume around 5~10 lbs? These guys can easily fight in the flyweight division by not cutting weight or bulking up a little more and cutting a few pounds. Really no need to add an additional weight class. The strawweights can definitely help add depth to the flyweight division, which is in need of some help.

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