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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
Looks like I have a stalker. deadmanshand has given me 3 of the 4 neg reps I have received here LOL.
It's not stalking. You like to tell people they aren't real mma fans because they don't enjoy the sport in the exact same manner that you do. That's elitist bs. It pisses me off. So neg rep.

And back on topic:

The UFC does not need strawweights. Flyweight is too weak of a division to have. Maybe we should finish filling out 135 and 145 first? How about signing a few more women fighters before worrying about a division full of people who weigh 125lbs soaking weight?

For me the lack of interest in the lower weight classes has nothing to do with size and everything to do with talent. It's genetics. The more extreme the size - big or small - the fewer men reach it. The fewer people that size and the fewer athletes of that size. Fewer athletes means fewer fighters. Fewer fighters means less depth at the weightclass. Less depth = less talent.

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