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Originally Posted by Withers View Post
Hey guys, I've always been a fan of MMA, UFC, boxing, kickboxing, etc, and just recently I have seriously considered joining a camp/class for MMA. I am not expecting to being anywhere close to good in my first few years. I am aware how long it takes to become a solid fighter, but I am very eager to learn and fascinated with MMA. Any tips you can give me? What should I expect? Will I like it? Thanks guys!
Just go to the gym, talk a little with the people there how things work there (every gym has its own unwritten rules). Don't act tough, have your body washed and your nails cut before the training, don't eat anything anymore 2h prior to the training, except for maybe a banana. Be prepared for some fine muscle ache the next days.

Originally Posted by Withers View Post
Thanks for the welcoming everybody! What are your opinions on some "must-have" equipment (not clothing/gear) for my home? Heavy bag? Grapple dummy? Anything like that?
Home equipment as a beginner¿ NOTHING! You go to your gym and learn the craft/art under supervision of your trainer who, hopefully, will correct you A LOT. It takes a while until you can do your techniques properly. If you train at home as a beginner without someone correcting you regularly, you will memorize erroneous technique and get accustomed to bad habits. In a year or so, you may think about a heavy bag or other home equipment.

You haven't even had your first class yet. There are so many people who like watching MMA and are eager to start it themselves, but after a couple of weeks their dedication is gone, so first of all, just go to that gym you've chosen and see how it goes.

Originally Posted by Withers View Post
Thanks guys! Last question, lol. Should I be learning BJJ by itself for the first little while? I have no problem doing that, because most "mma" schools near me that teach MMA do bjj one day, wrestling the next, striking, etc. Would it be more effective to focus on just one, like BJJ?
Again, go to the gym, try out the different disciplines and stick to those that you enjoy. First build a base. If you're a good learner, you may think about going amateur in a year or so, then you should think about fixing the holes in your game.
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