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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Bellator claimed they would put Eddie on ppv in March. They don't have the revenue stream I compete contract wise with the UFC, the UFC is offering eddie way more than he is worth. Same with Lombard who I doubt the UFC thought they would get. They are baiting Bellator into paying not only more than fighters are worth but more than they can afford with there current structure. Now that bellator sued its all public record and guys like Chandler are gonna be disgruntled cause there is no way despite being the #1 lw in the world that he is making that kind of bank. Bellator should be spending that money marketing there first 100% home grow. Talelent who may be able to make a dispute about being #1 in the world some day. Chandler is the elephant In the room in this whole deal. But once you open that can than Askren want that money then. Then king mo. Because he is more well know. Then the pit bill brothers cause they are some of the biggest stars and pretty soon Bellator is bleeding talent and money. It's a slippery slope they are putting themselves on.

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I agree it's a slippery slope and Bellator is making a mistake with how they are handling Eddie. I get what you are saying but I think they are very, very different situations but again I understand the connection you are making.
What helps with King Mo is they have TNA paying him and the money won't all have to come from Bellator. But I think they are doing some things right with the 360 shows and getting a big name like Randy Couture on board. Spike is already getting more eyes on Bellator and the in the cage product is still solid despite this ugly court stuff going on.
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