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Originally Posted by demoman993 View Post
Everyone is entitled to their opinion but saying that I have no appreciation for skill, technique, hard work and the sport is just silly. The lower weight classes just aren't exciting to me like women's olympic gymnastics are not exciting to me. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the sport, it just means its not my thing.

My favorite boxers and MMA fighters are the most technical guys out there. Sometimes that even makes for a "boring" or "safe" fight in lots of fans minds. I don't expect everyone to like how GSP fights, just like you shouldn't expect me to enjoy women's olympic gymnastics. Not everyone likes the same thing and that's fine to me. Pointing a finger saying someone doesn't appreciate something because you don't share the opinion is just grand standing at least in my mind.
Again, for like the 5th time today. I'm sorry I went overboard yesterday and I apologize for saying things like "you aren't a true fan" or "you don't enjoy/appreciate". I went to far and I apologize. I'm sure you are fan or you wouldn't be here. I went too far, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Sorry if I offended you.
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