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Day 30 & 31

I was fired yesterday, and went in to relieve some stress.

I did my circuit and got in 110 pullups/dips and 125 knees.

It was a laid back free gym. Jeff was running us through muy thai.

I am grateful for the boxing, right after our warmup period I do a warm stretch instead of doing it cold. I am seeing a lot of improvement in overall flexibility.

He was wearing his body shield and had the thai pads. When I worked with him it was mainly 1-2-right kick high, then 5 right high kicks, elbows were thrown into the fray as well. I didn't care for the way mind were landing, I guess I just don't have the distance gauged right.

I snapped the kicks in with heavy force, it felt great to slam the pads.

Afterwords I did 2-3 rolls with him, I am outclassed by him due to having no wrestling base. He tosses me around with takedowns and takes an advantageous mount, so I'm dealing with how to score one myself or just transition to a better mount of my own.

i notice when I do grapple now, my power base has grown a lot. I am thinking the circuit I do to warmup has a lot to do with this.

Tonight got in at 4pm and did a double.

I did the circuit and got 120 pull ups/dips and the 125 knees.

to start the day we had a light session, drilling 1-2's with a partner in the ring and defending the combo.

2nd portion same as the 1st minus the circuit. I worked with Kenny on the ring work and was finding homes for some left and right hooks, and an occasional right uppercut to the body.

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