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Originally Posted by kc1983 View Post
How bout bringin a super heavy weight class into the mix? I think there would be a lot more potential for some intense fights at 265+
Yes we might see some freakshows, but I'm with the others that have mentioned they need to let the other lighter weight divisions fill out a little more.
Dana has said countless times that he wouldn't do the super heavyweight division. I'm sure he wants to stay away from the obvious freakshow fights with a couple Bob Sapp type characters out there.

What I would like to see is a reclassing of the HW division and split it into two divisions. Call it Cruiserweight or whatever you want to call it but set the weight limit at somewhere around 225 or 230 and then have the upper limit for HW around 280. You'll still get the big skill guys in HW but the cruiserweight would end up being one of the most exciting divisions in the UFC (at least to me). You'd have the Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier, JDS type characters with lots of skill and cardio that would make for entertaining fights.

Then have the reclassed HW division with all the big boys. It would be full of KO's between a couple monsters and not as many size mismatches. I know it sounds like the classic I'm bigger I'm better attitude but if you get a guy that weighs 230 and a guy that weighs 265 and their skillsets are identical the guy at the higher weight is going to win by a large percentage of the time.

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