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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
I see your points but IMO if Anderson was fighting at LHW he would be just as elusive as Machida with is speed. Also his TDD might not be quite as good as Bisping's but it's not far behind. Remember Anderson had a broken rib going into the 1st Sonnen fight and he looked worse then we have ever seen him. Not the same guy we saw before and after that fight.
I'm not saying Rashad couldn't get some take downs. I just think eventually he gets caught with one of those fast, accurate punches. Especially if it's a 5 round fight.
Yeah and he got taken down in the second fight and was taken down by Hendo before Hendo wanted to strike with him and he was taken down by Lutter. Wrestling is obviously his weaker point and that his Rashads best. And Machida isn't a good example because Rashad didn't even try to take him down.

Originally Posted by aerius View Post
And if I had a bigger dick then Gina and Arianny will send me love letters and hop into bed with me. And let's be honest, the chances of that are at least the same or better than Rashad being relentless enough to avoid getting tagged on the chin by the best striker in MMA.

Let's put it this way, the only person who hasn't hit Rashad clean in the last few years is Phil Davis, everyone else has tagged him or dropped him. And speaking of the Phil Davis fight, that one shows that Rashad's ground game and top control is not nearly as good as it should be for a wrestler with his credentials. I've never seen someone get stuck in the crucifix position for that long and that many times without getting finished, or for that matter even bleeding. And it's not a one-off either considering how little he was able to do to Thiago Silva.

What I'm looking at here is overall technique based on many fights. Rashad has speed & power, but his striking technique, frankly sucks. He lost most of the exchanges against Forrest, same against Chuck Liddell, definitely against Machida & Jones, and he's been knocked down or wobbled by most of his opponents since he won the title. No good striker gets hit that cleanly so often. And he hasn't shown any real signs of improvement or evolution in his style so I have no reason to believe things will be any different if he fights Anderson Silva.
Yeah Rashad gets tagged and Anderson is an elite striker. Silva gets taken down and Rashad is an elite wrestler.

I'm not saying that Rashad goes in there and is just going to rag doll Silva and win for sure. But history has shown that Silva has a problem with good wrestlers and that is exactly what Rashad is.

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