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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Eh you just don't feel like shit from smoking weed, there's no hangover, there's no throwing up, there's no real periods of blankness where you lose all reasoning and proper judgement, there's no addiction and it won't give you cirrhosis.

Everyone is different and enjoys different things, but alcohol should really be illegal.

I've smoked weed every day for the past 5 years (an ounce every 2 weeks, no joints all bongs) and I love it. I haven't smoked since I went to Thailand though and I feel just the same, no fiending.

Yeah HOGH if you can't handle weed properly then shrooms are a bad idea, I love mushrooms though

I used to be a borderline alcoholic when I worked in a nightclub, i'm way healthier now and I feel I have a better quality of life.
Even though I like smoking weed, I couldn't do it everyday, at least not at this point of my life. Whenever I smoke on a work day, if I had some school work to do or whatever, the chance is I won't do it. Most of the times I come home feeling so lazy and tired I just eat and go to bed.
But if I compare how I felt high when I just started and now, I do see how you could get used to smoking everyday without having problems with your daily routine of work.
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