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Originally Posted by AlphaDawg View Post
You have to consider the fighter they're facing as well. When was the last time we've seen JDS gas in just the 1st round? Never. Velasquez pushed a pace he couldn't handle. Granted Edgar isn't as active as Velasquez, but he has gassed fighters out in the past.

I, of course, exaggerated when I said Aldo will just get jabbed for 25 minutes, but I don't see it being this exciting fight everyone is making it out to be. It's not like these two are gonna go to war. Edgar is fighting one of the most dangerous strikers in the UFC. He's going to be extra cautious this time around. He'll probably use a gameplan similar to Florian's, just more effective at it.

When was the last time I saw Edgar in a bad fight? His very last one. Henderson vs Edgar 2. One of the worst fights I've seen in recent memory.
Maybe they both won't "go to war". But Edgar was in close to wars 4 times with Bendo and Maynard both twice. All back and forth fights leaving someone busted up, usually Frankie. And Aldo finishes usually being the superior fighter. 1 guy gets rocked and comes back like Rocky. The other is a killer who is precise. It is a great clash of styles.

People seem to underestimate Edgar's fights. Most all of them have been very entertaining in my eyes. I don't see how people say they haven't been. Close fights with some of the best fighters at LW.
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