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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
They aren't going to let Rhonda fight at her at anything but 135, they're protecting her by not doing 140 and putting Featherweight and Bantamweight together and it's pretty clear why. Cyborg would beat her to death.
So on one hand you are so against super fights and mixing of divisions or catch weights....when it comes to men.

But when it comes to your beloved WMMA division you say they should have changed the division just so these 2 could fight? Ronda fought at 145 and cut down to what is Cyborgs problem? I thought there was plenty of talent? Surely this 1 fight wouldn't be that big of a deal if there were such depth....right? Cyborg is a roider and doesn't deserve an immediate title shot.

Ronda is a 135er. Just as GSP shouldn't meet Anderson, Ronda shouldn't meet Cyborg.

People saying Dana is "bubblewrapping" Ronda are being ridiculous and hypocritacal. Ronda won the SF 135 title. So he is protecting her because he is allowing her to fight in the division she won the title at? Talk about delusional.
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