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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
Dana sure didn't have an issue when Zuffa was promoting him heavily and they were mutually making shitloads of cash together (he sure as hell was captain america then, right?). But that era has been over for a long time, randy got old, fought longer than practically anybody at the top tier of competition, and had to stop.

What was Randy supposed to do? Without having behind the scenes details, is Randy obligated to stay unemployed forever? Does it make him a bad person because he took a job with a rival company?

Dana is also notoriously fickle and I suspect if Randy were to terminate the bellator agreement tonight and take any job at all under the Zuffa umbrella Dana would be licking his nuts again. It's almost like's he's pissed that Randy is both a competent fighter AND a capable businessman just like Dana. Boohoo.
Yeah, after Danas rant against Bellator and Viacaom and spike, he was never gona let randy away with joining them without some pop or other. To talk such smack and just go back to that court case which he supposedly forgave him for is a bit of a joke. IF there was actually something solid there it might have been worth reading. Randy like Tito fought for higher pay from the billion dollar company he helped get established, and like Tito Dana didn't like anyone trying to get more money and ridiculed them for it. Just part of the game I suppose.
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