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Originally Posted by IronMan
Are you telling me that an amateur kickboxer is more intimitdating that Jeff Monson? Or Gabriel Gonzaga?

Honestly, dude, fighters are intimidating based on their own merits. Yes, I'd be intimidated by a great kickboxer, but I'm intimidated by great grapplers too.

I'm worried about a guy who can knee me in the face while I'm standing up straight, but I'm also worried about a guy who can throw me on my back and tear my f*cking arm off.

Great fighters are intimidating because they are great fighters. Grapplers may not have that aggressive look that alot of strikers have, but, at this point in the MMA game, most great fighters don't have that psyched look on their face anymore.

If your fighting on the pro level and you see a guy who's psyched at the idea of smashing your face in and looks like a f*cking bulldog, that can be a little bit intimidating, but I can exploit that so, as a fighter, I'm more afraid of the guy whose face is absolutely blank and its clear that he wants to hurt somebody and that's what he's focused on.
I agree and I would be wayy more intimdated by a world class BJJ fighter than an amateur MT fighter
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