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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
I dont get where people justify "rashad is just as good a wrestler as chael". He has done NOTHING to deserve that reference. He couldnt get jones down, he couldnt get machida down either. Cant remember if he got rampage down either. His MMA wrestling really isnt THAT good. Atleast not good enough to be compared to a chael sonnen or GSP. Not even close.

And either way, rashad doesn't have the mental toughness to beat silva. He "knew" he could beat jones, yet he stood with im for 5 rounds and got completely dismantled. He stood with chuck and even though he did get the KO, he shouldve taken it to the ground. Stood with machida, got knocked out. Stood with rampage, almost got knocked out. He had success against mid tier/over the hill opponents striking and now he thinks he is a top tier striker but hes not. He will try and stand with silva and get knocked out, got 18 mil credits to bet on it too.
If you were to ask everyone on this forum who the top five wrestlers in MMA are I would bet most if not all would include Bones, so there's no shame in not being able to get him down. His wrestling is also way better than Anderson's.

As for Machida, he never even shot on Machida, he was too busy trying to get Machida to strike first and it didn't work.

And Rampage? He took Rampage down at will in their fight and easily handled him, he even rocked him early in the fight and he completely owned and humiliated Phil Davis who was a top wrestler in college. Rashad is one of the best wrestlers and fighters in MMA.

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