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Originally Posted by MMATycoon View Post
The problem with Maz is he doesn't understand the rules of a sport he is reffing. If a fighter is winning when they commit a foul that causes the fight to be stopped. The fight is ruled a NC. If you are losing and you commit a foul then its a DQ. In the Jones vs Hamill fight when /Jones was destroying Hamill but he still got DQed because of the elbows.
I agree that you do not understand the rules. No where, in any set of rules does it state that the ref should refer to the score cards to see who is ahead in an effort to decide how a fight should be stopped because of a intentional foul.

The rules do pretty clearly state that if there is an intentional foul that causes a fight to be stopped that the fighter that caused the foul should be disqualified.

A good reason for this is a fighter that does not have the stamina to go 5 rounds. If he wins round 1 and 2, but clearly knows he is not going to survive round 3, he can just foul his way to a no contest and not have a loss on his record!

A no-contest should only be awarded if a foul was accidental (such as a head but caused by both fighters leaning in that leads to a massive cut).

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