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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
I can't really think of any time where the UFC didn't treat Randy like a king, so from my perspective I'd actually have to side with Dana here.

Not to say that I blame Randy for chasing the money but the dude is the furthest thing from loyal and borderlines on greedy.

But that wouldn't make him any different than any other rich asshole.

And you don't think that huge promotion, the fact that Randy got the most undeserved title shots and big fights in the history of the sport, the fact that Randy was treated like a king and made an active HOF after he pulled TWO shady moves that almost no one would've gotten away with, the fact that he was giving guys like Mark Coleman and Toney to take easy wins while he was well past his prime so he could make huge paydays, and all the things that the UFC did for Randy. You don't think this warrants any sort of basic loyalty? You think Randy couldn't have gotten a job with the UFC had he wanted one?

Randy is just greedy. Randy really never had to earn a lot in the UFC. He was always giftwrapped title shots and big fights. He loses the HW title, he gets a UFC LHW shot RIGHT away, loses that, fights one fight against a can, gets another shot. Loses that, gets a HW title fight RIGHT after that,

The UFC definitely cannot be accused of mistreating Randy. The other way around not so much.

This is the same guy who retired while having fights on his contract and then sued the UFC because he wanted to breach his contract and fight in BoDog or whatever(this is the same time where we learned about the PPV revenue percentage in his contract which was unthought of in the sport previously). UFC swallows the pill and probably gives him more money. He then signs with EA MMA after Dana said no one in that would be apart of the UFC, and still hasn’t been in a UFC game to date. Guys like Fitch got cut because they wouldnt sign their likeness over, and the UFC put him in the Hall of Fame while he was still active in spite of him doing this.

This is probably just the last straw for Dana. And I don’t know both sides of the story but Randy has gotten away with a lot and been given a lot of opportunities that almost no one else has gotten…so I can see Dana’s frustration.

Can't say I blame him but he's not a great guy. He's disloyal to his employers, he's disloyal to his wives(he's divorced three times now mostly due to infidelity) and Dana is exactly right about him. His public perception is really nothing like his true personality.

Jon Jones is probably a more likable guy than he is.

Randy to me is nothing more than a passive-aggressive Rampage that knows how to work over people and put on facades.
You've gotta be joking. Dana didn't do any of those things out of the goodness of his heart. He cares about the bottomline for his business, that's it, and he has made massive amounts of money off the business relationship he had with Randy. Dana's loyalty extends as far as the black ink on his ledgers and the signatures on his contracts. He's mad because he hates competition and the idea of anyone promoting competitors. That's nothing but cold hard business logic. Why on earth should Randy be expected to act any differently?

And I don't really think personal lives should be a factor here, especially when Dana's own mother has made it clear that she thinks he's a scumbag at heart.

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