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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
You've gotta be joking. Dana didn't do any of those things out of the goodness of his heart. He cares about the bottomline for his business, that's it, and he has made massive amounts of money off the business relationship he had with Randy. Dana's loyalty extends as far as the black ink on his ledgers and the signatures on his contracts. He's mad because he hates competition and the idea of anyone promoting competitors. That's nothing but cold hard business logic. Why on earth should Randy be expected to act any differently?

You clearly have no sort of basic understanding of etiquette regarding employee/employer relationships. No shit Dana didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart, that's irrelevant.

The UFC and Randy manufactured a long-standing mutual working relationship where one party was basically treated better than 99 percent of his co-workers despite not exactly being the biggest draw ever(GSP, Lesnar, Chuck, Tito etc...all bigger draws) and he shows his appreciation by constantly sticking it to them.

As far as questioning Dana's loyalty to black ink, that's outright absurd. Do you really ******* think guys like Chuck Liddell and Matt ******* Hughes are the most qualified guys for MANAGEMENT positions in the UFC? Or how about the fact that guys who were nowhere near superstardom like Kenny are employed with the UFC after their careers are over...or guys like Griffin and Bonnar are given big fights and pretty much have a lifetime guaranteed job. Randy himself was shown incredibly loyalty by getting huge main event fights over and over again long after he was relevant. What did Couture-Coleman do, what 350k? Yet he still got a ME slot and PPV revenue out of a ******* joke of a fight.

I don't blame Randy, but the guy's a dick. That'd be like if my company made all kinds of concessions for me to keep my job when I breached policy, always gave me flexibility with my hours, gave me more hours when I wanted it and generally tried to make my employment as enjoyable as possible in exchange for my rare skillset and I rewarded them by trying to stick it to them at every opportunity.

Randy's a joke.

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