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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Rashad's never executed a perfect gameplan? Lol, pull the other one, mate. So using his superior speed to counter fight the counter fighterin Chuck Liddell so that Liddell got frustrated and walked into a bomb wasn't a perfect gameplan? Mixing high and low striking with technical wrestling in order confuse Rampage and keep him guessing wasn't a perfect gameplan? I could go on, but then, i'd only be embarrassing you.
Chuck I might give you, but not Rampage, considering that he got floored in the 3rd round, and were it not for Rampages ineptitude he would've been finished.

You're just taking the piss now. You're suggesting Dana, who didn't even rate Rashad up until the Forrest fight, fed Rashad easy fights? Like i've said before, Jason Lambert was a fighter on like a 5 or 6 win streak before being bumped off in convincing fashion by Rashad. Stephen Bonnar has always been a solid fighter. Not great, but he had far more experience than Rashad and Rashad just rag dolled him around like nobody's business. Chuck was a former LHW who was coming off a great performance against Wanderlei Silva. He had only lost to Rampage and had a bad night against Keith Jardine.
And who did the mighty Jason Lambert beat in his win streak? No one in the top 20, that's for sure. And Bonnar, much as I love the guy, is much the same, his only notable win is Keith Jardine. Oh, and Chuck had a bad day against Jardine, yeah, ok, whatever. If you want to play that game then Forrest just had a bad day against Rashad.

And so what if he was getting outpointed by Griffin? He was NEVER in any danger in that fight, and Rashad knew it. When he decided that he had enough of the stand up, he took Griffin down and finished him in less than a min.
So it took him 2.5 rounds to decide that he'd enough? I guess it had nothing to do with Forrest breaking his hand during the fight which allowed Rashad to finish it? Forrest just got unlucky and had a bad day, if he didn't break his hand in that fight he'd have won an easy decision.

And once again, you, yourself admitted that Rashad used a complete dumbass gameplan in both of his championship fights against Jones and Machida. You know, the one he just lost? And you have reason to believe he'll suddenly smarten up and execute a smart perfect plan against Silva?
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