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If you look up "his" posts, you will see that the only posts he uses asterisks in is when he is replying to a thread full of racists bashing the country I- I mean, "HE" - lives in and he is getting sick of reading it all the time and maybe if the mods would control the trolling and anti american BULLSHIT once in a while I wouldn't need to use the EVIL ASTERISKS! O GOD NOT THE ASTERISKS!

Trolling is okay, Anti americanism is okay, but asterisks in one out of 400 posts = makes the site look bad.....


Take a poll and I will bet all my points that the OVERWHELMINGLY VAST majority of members on this forum could give 2 shits less about seeing asterisks every once in a while!

Why cater to the minority...honestly, how many adults actually get offended at asterisks? Let's be real.

We can have a thread with 90000 pages of people cussing and bashing Hughes for no reason at all for have a natural reaction to a crazy upset but as soon as I make a post telling everyone they are stupid for discussing it and cussing him out for it, I get a warning.

A thread with 2000 pages of canadians and other non-US citizens bashing America to no end, using blanket statements and offensive false stereotypes, basically every day...but I make a post telling them to stop, while using a few asterisks (meanwhile everyone else in the thread is bypassing the censors), and I get banned.

Me getting banned = makes the site look bad
Anti americanism = makes the site look bad
People who are clearly trolls = makes the site look bad

asterisks/curse words = makes the site look appealing, since the target "customers" are between 17-30 years old and how many 17-30 year olds want to join a site where they can't be themselves and talk like they normally do without worrying about getting banned.

It seems simple to me, I'm no businessman...but I think I got the right idea. If you cater to the minority, your business will fail.

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