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Having seen close 6,000 films my favorites are fairly varied using Flickrcharts genre sub sections here are my favs, any duplicates were omitted so 2nd choice came up

absurd comedy - Southpark bigger/longer/uncut
action - Kill Bill vol 1
action comedy - Hot Fuzz
action thriller - The Omega Man
addictive drama - Requiem for a Dream
adventure - Aquirre:Wrath of God
adventure comedy - Wall:E
adventure drama - Captains Corageous
alien invasion films - The Thing
americana - The Devil and Daniel Webster
animal picture - Project Nim
animated musical - Alice in Wonderland
animation - Finding Nemo
anime - Akira
anthology - Kwaidan
anti-war - The Great Dictator
apocalyptic - Invasion of the Body Snatcher
australian new wave- Picnic at Hanging Rock
avant-garde - Woman in the Dunes
based on 18th century lit - Robinson Crusoe on Mars
based on 19th century lit - Scrooged
based on a true story - Dog Day Afternoon
based on comics - Batman Returns
based on manga - Ghost in the Shell
based on shakespeare - Forbidden Planet
based on television - The Fugitive
based on theatre - Wait until Dark
beach party films - <None>
biker film - The Motorcyle Diaries
biography - F for Fake
biopic - JFK
black comedy - Scream
blackspoiltation - Sweet Sweetbacks badass song
bollywood - <none>
british new wave - The Innocents
british noir - The Third Man
buddy film - The Big Lebowski
cannibal film - The Silence of the Lambs
canuxploitation - The Changeling (1980)
caper - A Fish Called Wanda
carsploitation - Death Proof
Cartoon - The Tell-Tale Heart (1953)
chase movie The Naked Prey
childhood drama - Au Revoir Les Enfants
combat films - Glory
comedy - Clue
comedy drama -Boogie Nights
comedy of errors - zoolander
comedy of manners - The Royal Tennebaums
comedy thriller - Grosse Pointe Blank
comedy western - Cat Ballou
coming of age - American Beauty
commedia all'italiana - Divorce Italian Style
con artist - matchstick men
concert film - Gimme Shelter
costume adventure - Last of the Mohicans
costume horror - The Curse of Frankenstein
costume romance - the Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
courtroom drama - A Man for All Seasons
crime - LA Confidential
crime comedy - Pulp Fiction
crime drama - High and Low
crime thriller - Memento
cross-dressing - The Crying Game
culture and society - The Thin Blue Line
cyberpunk - Dark City
cyborg - Alien
Czechslovak New Wave - Valerie and her week of wonders
dance film - Pina
detective film - Who framed Roger Rabbit
disaster film - Melancholia
docudrama - All the Presidents Men
documentary - Fishing with John
domestic comedy - Spanglish
drama - Citizen Kane
Dystophian film - 28 days later
ensemble film - Once Upon a Time in the West
epic - Gangs of New York
erotic drama - Closer
erotic thriller - In the Realm of the Senses
escape film - Le Trou
exploitation film - Andy Warhol's Dracula
fairy tales - La Belle un Bete
family - Wreck-It Ralph
family drama - The Lion in Winter
family oriented adventure - Superman
family oriented comedy - The Princess Bride
family oriented drama - E.T.
family oriented fantasy - Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
fantasy - groundhog day
fantasy adventure - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
fantasy comedy - Edward Scissorhands
farce - Hash House Mashers
feminist - Raise the Red Lantern
femme fatale - sunset blvd
film noir - Touch of Evil
foreign language film - The Wages of Fear
found footage film - The Poughkeepsie Tapes
French New Wave - Le Samourai
Gangster film - The Departed
gay and lesbian - Before Night Falls
ghost - House on Haunted Hill (1959)
giallo - Deep Red
girls with guns - Battle Royale
glamorized spy films - 007 You Only Live Twice
gothic film - The Awakening
gross-out comedy - American Pie
haunted house film - Session 9
heaven can wait fantasies - Beetlejuice
heavenly comedies - Heaven can Wait (1978)
historical epic - Braveheart
historical film - The Young Victoria
history - The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl
hitman - No Country for Old Men
holiday film - Die Hard
horror - Alien
horror comedy - Sleepaway Camp 2
hybrid western - Ravenous
italian neorealism - Mamma Roma
japanese new wave - The Sword of Doom
jungle film - Creature from the Black Lagoon
juvinile delinquency films - 13
krimi films - The Red Circle
Law and Crime - One Day in September
Made for TV - Stephen King's It
Marriage Drama - Scenes from a Marriage
Martial Arts - Kill Bill vol 2
media documentary - The Battle over Citizen Kane
media satire - Zelig
medical drama - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
melodrama - Talk to Her
message movie - I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
military and war - The Atomic Cafe
military comedy - Mash
mindbender - The Prestige
mini-series - The Stand
mockumentary - Best in show
monster film - Night of the Living Dead
Mumblecore - <none>
music - Crazy Heart
muscial - Walk Hard
muscial comedy - Everyone Says I love you
musical drama - Black Orpheaus
musical romance - West Side Story
mystery - Rear Window
natural horror - Jaws
new french extremism - Inside
new german cinema - Young Torless
ninja film - TMNT
odd couple film - My Favorite Year
outlaw - Unforgiven
Oxploitation - Mad Max
paranoid thriller - Arlington Rd.
parody spoof - Return of the Living Dead
period film - Barry Lyndon
pink eiga - Gate of Flesh
police comedy - Super Troopers
police detective film - seven
police drama - copland
political drama - The good Shepard
political satire - Being There
political thriller - In the Line of Fire
politics and government - General Idi Amin Dada
post apocalyptic film - dawn of the dead
post-noir - The usual suspects
pre-code hollywood - The Black Cat
pre-historic fantasy - Jurassic Park
prison film - In the name of the father
prostitution film - Sin City
psychological drama - Magnolia
psychological horror - Martin
psychological scifi - Sunshine
psychological thriller - M
religious comedy - Saved
religious drama - doubt
religious horror - exorcist
reunion films - Wild Strawberries
revenge films - The SKin I Live In
revisionist western - Django Unchained
road movie - almost famous
rock musical - grease
romance - The River
romantic adventure - Cloud Atlas
romantic comedy - Midnight in Paris
romantic drama - Sunrise
romantic epic - Atonement
romantic fantasy - Ghost Town
romantic mystery - Rebecca
rural drama - The Village
sadistic horror - Kill Theory
samurai - Sanjuro
satire - The Exterminating Angel
sci fi - The Empire Strikes Back
sci-fi action - X-men
sci-fi comedy - Back to the Future
sci-fi diaster film - I am legend
sci-fi horror - The Abominable Snowman (1957)
screwball comedy - The Awful Truth
sea adventure - Master and Commander
serial - les vampires
serial killer - tightrope
sex comedy - graduate
sex horror - vhs
shocksploitation - House at the edge of the park
short - Run, Girl, Run
showbix comedy - Galaxy Quest
showbix drama - Black Swan
silent film - City Lights
slpastick - Sleeper
slasher - Halloween
slice of life - The Wrestler
social history - Unforgivable Blackness
social issues - Come on Children
social problem - Silkwood
sociology - 7up!
softcore sex film - I am curious:Yellow
sophisticated comedy - A Woman is a Woman
space adventure - Fifth Element
spaghetti western - The Good the Bad The Ugly
splatter film - Dead Snow
sports and recreation - Senna
sports comedy - Jerry Maguire
sports drama - A League of Their Own
spy comedy - Austen Powers
spy film - From Russia with Love
standup comedy - George Carlin It's bad for you
stoner comedy - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
superhero film - Batman
supernatural comedy - I sell the dead
supernatural drama - Portrait of Jennie
supernatural horror - Curse of the Demon
supernatural thriller - Phenomena
swashbuckler - The Scarlet Pimpernel
sword and sandel - Gladiator
sword and sorcery - Lord of the Rings
teen movie- Halloween 4
thriller - targets
time travel - looper
tokusatsu - Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell
traditional westner - true grit (2010)
tragi-comedy- Man on the Moon
true crime - Badlands
unglamorized spy films - syriana
urban comedy - The Apartment
urban drama - 25th hour
vampire film - The Vampire Lovers
video game - Resident Evil
war - Bridge on the River Kwai
war adventure - inglourious basterds
war drama - grave of the fireflies
war epic - Lawrence of Arabia
war romance - The African Queen
werewolf film - Trick R'Treat
western - Treasure of Sierra Madre
whodunit - The Gift
witchcraft - The Wicker Man
women in prison - Brokedown palace
workplace comedy - High Fidelity
Wuxia - Hero
Yakuza - Branded to Kill
Zombie - Tombs of the Blind Dead

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