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And of course cussing like I did in that post makes the site look bad, but so did the entire thread, it's not like I do it in every post in every thread. I only do it in the threads that have already gone to shit way before I made my post.

I don't think I overreacted one bit. The guy I was talking to was clearly an ill-informed prejudice asshole, he had a swastika with the American flag on his avatar for christ sake! And I get banned for what I said? Just because you may have worded it different doesn't mean I overreacted, the thread was worthless anyway, why should I care if I am proper and clean?

I've been banned before, and I deserved a couple of them (mainly because of Rush/MMAfreak arguements). This one was dumb though. I don't mind being banned if it's for a good reason, or maybe if I wasn't a paid member with the 2nd most amount of rep on the site (and I don't make avatars btw).

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