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Originally Posted by swpthleg
i don't know....wherever he suggested that someone fight someone they'd already fought a 2nd time or something,

I probably saw it, and continued on, because there was nothing in the post that caught my eye as being inflammatory in any way, shape, or form.

anyone who remembers more clearly than me, don't hesitate to jump in.
Sorry, I hope I didn't mislead you guys. I got a warning for that post on my other backup s/n (besides this one now), I was confused at first, but I'm guessing they did it cuz they knew it was me and wanted to ban all my accounts.

Anyway, I had a rant in another thread in this forum about my banning and just realized it says I'm unbanned when I see my posts in threads. Although I tried to sign on this morning and last night and both times it gave me the temp ban screen. So I'm gonna try again soon when I restart my computer.
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