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Originally Posted by swpthleg
Whoever comes to close this thread,(i'd like to know why that would be justified anyway) temporarily banned means temporarily banned, and we will be waiting for the TEMPORARY nature of the ban to expire and for WLTFU to return. I am not considering the possibility of a permanent ban, because there would be no logical explanation for it. (not to mention that it would be incredibly stupid from a business standpoint)

I was really enjoying this forum, and learning a lot that I could apply to my own training. WLTFU was extremely well informed on all fronts. BTW saying that not banning a member after repeated warnings is a double standard doesn't make much sense when you look at our member designations. (junior, contender, etc) That is a merit system, as is positive rep. Huge amounts of positive rep, longstanding membership and intelligent posts translate to high merit, which DOES nullify warnings or a naughty word (OMG the dreaded asterisks while everyone else is cussing - I might fudge my petticoats!!!).

Fortunately, we don't get in trouble for sarcasm. Uhhhhhh, let me triple-check on that one.
lol I've still been posting

I think I'm unbanned now anyways. There's just some glitch, I still need to restart my computer.

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