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Originally Posted by DevilMan13
I dont really believe hes a punk, but i dont think hes a warrior either. All he had to do was shoot. A bjj black belt, and he was lookin for the knockout. who does he think he is? gabriel gonzaga? and when he cried...that did it for me. i couldnt stop laughin when bj was makin fun of him.
This is like the third thread I have read this morning and that has got to be the funniest thing I have read in a long time.

Yeah I think tool should be a choice because that is what he is a tool. Did anybody else see when Gabe had to go in and retrieve him from the octagon the look on his face is freaking priceless. If anyone can photoshop that into an avatar that would so rock. God these last couple of fights have sucked so bad I mean sh*t I see better fights in the IFL for christs sake.
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