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Originally Posted by aerius View Post
If you read the interviews from back then, the reason Forrest had trouble defending himself after he got taken down was because his hand was broken. He couldn't get wrist control (a broken hand gets in the way there) and eventually he ate too many punches and got put out.

With regards to not respecting Forrest's power, the way you do that is the Anderson Silva fight or the Shogun rematch. As in dodge or walk through everything Griffin can throw and knock his ass out in the 1st round.

Yeah, he learned so well from the Machida fight that he did the same thing all over again in the Jones fight. Yup, let's stand & trade with a better striker who also has better range control, and forget about wrestling. Brilliant! I guess it's possible that Machida hit him so hard that he can't remember the fight, and that's why he fought the same way against Jones.
Maybe its because Jones managed to keep the distance well and it makes it hard for Rashad to shoot in for the double or single without getting sidestepped and kneed in the head? Yea Rashad stood with a better striker, but still his chances of stepping in and landing power punches on the somewhat untested chin of Jones is better than shooting in on takedowns that won't succeed. He might have even gotten finished if he shot for takedowns all night long. You talk like Rashad is dumb. If he is that dumb he won't be fighting at such an elite level.

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