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Oh, and a great example of someone who uses the "terminator" method is Forrest Griffin. If you'll notice he always hits himself in the forehead after an exchange and continues to push forward and hit his head. I'm sure he's not thinking about that when he's doing it, it's just something instinctive and a twitch. You know it's instinctive because he's twitching. Or then again I guess it could be him saying "**** it, **** it **** it I don't care ouch **** it ouch **** it!" I'm finding it very difficult to put into words how I feel about this topic, so sorry if you guys are like "what the hell is this dude talking about?" . To me there are 2 different kinds of "heart". One is the kind where people are determined to win no matter what the consequences. Royce showed a lot of heart against Matt Hughes with that arm bar but then later gave up by no longer defending himself, but that's ok he was overwhelmed lol. The other kind of heart you see is the kind that is just a facade to mask pain or to freak your opponent out. Does this make sense to anyone?
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