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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
No my opinion is based on what Randy has done. Dana White hasnt even commented on it so **** off with your condescending, presumptuous horseshit.

It's hilarious to me that just because he puts on the whole humble act that people suck his dick while acting like Rampage is the scum of the Earth. Maybe Rampage should dress up in white face and put on a smile and everyone will think he's a hero while he cheats on his three wives.

You realize Randy LOST in court? You know why? Because he blatantly lied about how much money he was making. He was one of the first guys in the UFC to make millions of dollars per fight with PPV revenue and it's ******* pathetic to act like he was some kind of martyr for fighters everywhere.

What a joke.
Youd think you were the judge sitting in the courtroom the way you go on, like you know every single detail of the case perfectly clean. The fact is you don't and your basing your opinion on nothing. Because lets face you it don't know the fine details of that case, other then a randy interview about not being happy with what he was getting, danas various interviews slagging randy and then a lost court case. Thats all you know and you think one of the greatest champs in the sports history is a joke because of it. Good one
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