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Originally Posted by ruban
A few bad threads are not going to bring a forum of this calibre down.

I followed the threads on country bashing and was as surprised as the next guy that it went on for so long without being locked.

My point is, a country bashing thread - or one that turns into country bashing - will happen anywhere. Whether it is an MMA forum, a baseball forum, a gaming forum or what have you.

There are too many good posters here (WL2FU included) for this place to dip. Good posters don't necessarily mean you always agree them, with since debates are part of what makes this place breathe, but one's that move the topic at hand forward, or raise interest to the users in a positive way.

The weak and feeble posters shouldn't be able to tar a reputation of good standard that this forum has accomplished. They shouldn't and they won't.

We have 3 admins? i think its was just adminmma and rsvsn or what ever.
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