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Originally Posted by staresolus
I agree completely. That whole "if want to be on MY team and don't want anything to do with Jens Pulver" was so juvenile and drew the fighters with that kind of mentality. If you're serious about joining the UFC and serious about getting that contract then it shouldn't matter to you who your coach is. You've got the chance to learn from two great fighters. I think BJ's stunt just weeded out all/most of the guys who weren't trully serious about learning and winning and he shot himself in the foot by taking them all. He did Jens a big favor.

I agree with you in your points that BJ did a childish thing and that he probably got a few guys who were of that childish mentality but he did get some really good fighters like Joe. I disagree that a fighter who wants the contract shouldn't care who the coach is. When you want to be the best you want the best coaching you. It's just to bad for Team BJ that BJ doesn't seem to be the best coach even though his back ground says other wise.

Side note: BJ is coaching like he's been fighting as of late. He cares enough to step into the "ring" and put forth an effort but it is no where near what he is capable of. It really seems to me that BJ has the mindset that what he does is enough to just coast right through things. Which is tragiclly sad...and a waste.

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