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Originally Posted by DonRifle View Post
I just find it hard to understand why people would have hate for Randy. He's the reason I started watchin the sport and became a fan. A guy winning against the odds and doin it for so long deserves respect. For a guy that age to even step in to the ring with machida like he did at that age takes serious stones. That alone merits respect. Never mind his outboxing of chuck and his destruction of many bigger stronger faster guys. So what if he fought with the boss over pay, who gives a shit about that? Surely peoples views of him should be determined from his time in the ring and his achievements there.
Lets see...

He constantly leaves the promotion or "retires", then comes back and negotiates an immediate unearned title shot without any sort of contender fight whatsoever. For a guy with a 19-11 record, it's amazing how almost half of those 30 fights are title fights.

He acts all humble but beneath his veneer he's very cocky and condescending to other fighters. He commented on how Sylvia was a play-it-safe fighter, how Chuck beat him because he "got on his bike and backpedaled" from him and how it was because he was going through a divorce, how Lesnar was too green, then after the fight beat him because of "long arms" and gave him no credit whatsoever etc.

He cheated on and divorced not one not, not two, but three wives. If you're gonna keep doing random girls, then at least don't keep getting married.

Yeah a total nice guy that Captain America.

Dana has it right, Couture has some very good PR and a nice guy politeness, but it's all show.

But yeah Dana's a douche too so whatever.
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