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Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar

Round One:
Here we go again!

They scout each other to open the fight; Griffin gets a few soft shots in. Neither man is really pushing the pace, then Stephan suddenly throws a hard punch that doesn't connect.

Griffin returns with some shots, and Bonnar backs off. Griffin then almost takes Bonnar down, and follows it up with some punches and a leg kick.

They circle again, and then trade. Griffin's getting the better of the exchanges. Bonnar goes for the spinning back kick, but Griffin's waiting with a counter. Another leg kick from Griffin.

Yet another leg kick for Griffin. Griffin charges in with some shots, and works Bonnar into the cage. Bonnar looks really sloppy, but Griffin's not swinging hard enough to knock him out.

Griffin fakes with a knee and gets another jab; he follows it with a kick. He charges in, but Bonnar's waiting with two punches. They trade leg kicks, and Griffin charges in. He's once again hit with a counter, and Bonnar's now getting in control.

Bonnar hits a high kick to Griffin's head, but Griffin returns with a leg kick and trips Bonnar. He takes some striking to Bonnar, but he can't end it.

They're circling each other again, trading the occasional blow. Griffin comes through with a strong right hand, and Bonnar's forced to back off. It happens again.

Griffin didn't decisively take control, but he should win that one on the scorecards.
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