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I would say its a bit of both. People who chose BJ IMO chose him for his name. If you knew much about him you would know he's not big on training, the man is naturally gifted. Now if you aint got the gifts you need a man like Pulver who works for his dolla.

So to start BJ got the "i like the name" people. Diaz realized fast he didnt need BJ to win. Shame the others didnt. Then of course due to BJ's (looks like) slack training means they get less out of the days training.

I mean Pulver got Hughes to come in to help his fighter as Wang is a BJJ black belt. I mean apart from Chuck and GSP who better to teach a little take down defense and protection while on the ground?

Ive rooted for Pulver because in my oppinion he's there for the fighters and i presumed would be the better coach, no way would i have picked BJ, he's got to much natural skill to understand overcomeing the fact you dont have it.
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